Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Check out some of the most frequently asked things about Sunrise below!

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What Size Church is Sunrise?

2 Bajillion! Just kidding, on any given Sunday, there are 90-125 people at Sunrise depending on the time of year. 

What Happens in a Service?

Our Worship service is designed to engage the mind and help you learn more about the God who loves you.  Most describe the atmosphere as casual and comfortable. We start at 10 AM with music, there are some announcements, then usually followed-up by a video clip (more likely than not from the Andy Griffith Show) that frames that morning's message as we explore the Scriptures. Service ends with a closing prayer and is usually over around 11:15 AM.  Just in time to beat the Methodists to lunch!

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What do i wear?

Come as you are! Rod preaches in the same clothes as he golfs. You'll see people wearing everything from business casual to t-shirts and jeans. 

What do i bring?

Bringing a Bible is very helpful as Rod usually covers a specific passage of Scripture.  Most of the time he uses the NIV translation, but occasionally he will use the NASB, NLT, or the NKJV if it makes understanding and applying the passage easier. You can follow along as the verses are displayed on the screen if you don't have a copy of the Scriptures with you.

What Do I DO with my Kids?!?

Kids 12 and under can go downstairs to children's church during the normal service. But children are always welcome to stay upstairs for the message; Rod already has five kids, so hey, what's a few more?

Will i be asked to say anything?

Absolutely not. We won't single you out in any way. There are no forms that you will be required to fill out. If you decide to fill out a guest card, none of your information will be shared with the IRS.

Will i be asked to give Anything?

We do not pass around an offering plate and haven't done so in more than 20 years.